WP Terms Popup Changelog

This is the WP Terms Popup Changelog. Check out all of the latest new additions and updates to the plugin below. You can learn more about WP Terms Popup on our Features page. The plugin is also available, for free, from WordPress.org.


  • Change some of the language in the Settings for more clarity.
  • New Setting to load your popup content with Javascript instead of automatically inside each page’s HTML before load.
  • Background section in Settings is now hidden if the Designer add-on is active.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Increased maximum value allowed for the Agreement Expiration setting.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Reworked Shortcode output to match regular Popup output.
  • Added support for the WP Terms Popup Collector add-on.
  • Changed “Terms Popups” to “Popups” throughout the plugin’s interface.
  • Changed “Appearance” to “Designer” throughout the plugin’s interface.
  • Fixed bug related to “Enable popups for logged in users?” settings.


  • Popup can now be disabled on individual pages and posts when the sitewide option is in use.


  • Added support for shortcodes inside of popup content. This is a “use at your own risk” feature as shortcodes, and the content they produce, might act in unpredictable ways with WP Terms Popup.


  • Added option to set “Agreement Expiration” to zero (0) which causes popups to display on each page load.
  • Changed the way the Decline URL Redirect works to solve issues certain WordPress setups were having.


  • Minor interface changes.


  • Shortcode-related fix for WordPress 5.0 and the new block editor.


  • Fix for background scrolling when using the shortcode.


  • Function prefix and name standardization.
  • Improvement of file structure.
  • Change in the structure of free version and PRO version of the plugin. PRO version now requires free version to be installed and active at the same time, to eliminate redundant updates. Easier for developers to update both free and pro versions, avoid user confusion.
  • Removed fatal error produced by conflict with PRO version.
  • Users now have the ability to set the opacity level behind popup.


  • Added a wrapping container class called ‘termscontentwrapper’ to the popup body content for styling.


  • Shortcode bug fixed. Shortcode is now making use of HTML5 localStorage.


  • Shortcode warning issued while we are fixing the bug.


  • Tidying up the options page in the backend. Now warning shows if no terms popup has been created.


  • Shortcode usage is now possible. Shortcode can now be used to show popups on custom post types.
  • Backend GUI improvement.
  • Easier to understand instructions in the readme file.


  • New icon for terms popup custom post type.


  • Terms is now converted into a custom post type.
  • User can now create as many different terms as they want and choose to display the terms on any post or page that they desire.
  • User friendly option on post and page screen.


  • Initial release.