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You can use WP Terms Popup to ask users to agree to your terms of service, privacy policy or age verification request before they are allowed to access your website.

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How Does WP Terms Popup Work?

Our plugin gives your users a simple three step process for gaining access to your website.

Step #1

Step #1

Your user must read the popup first.

You decide what your popup shows to visitors: a terms of service, a privacy policy, age verification, etc.

Step #2

Step #2

The user agrees to your conditions.

Each popup contains two buttons: one to show acceptance and another that redirects away from your site.

Step #3

Step #3

Website access is granted to your user.

When the user accepts your conditions they are immediately taken to your site without any further interaction.

WP Terms Popup Designer

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About WP Terms Popup

The plugin presents your visitors with a professional looking popup that will make them agree to your terms before they can continue browsing your website.

This is the easiest way to get your visitors to agree to your terms of service, privacy policy, etc.

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