Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be responsive and viewable on mobile devices?

Yes, the popup is responsive and will resize according to your browser size.

Why should I use your plugin?

We don’t use javascript (except for the admin panel in the PRO version), so even if your visitors have javascript disabled on their browser, they will still get the popup. Also, because of that, our plugin loads much faster.

What is the difference between free and PRO version?

The free version provides basic functionality of what the plugin does. The PRO version takes it one step further by providing styling options and more configurations.

How can I style the popup?

If you have knowledge in CSS, you can style it however you want whether by changing your theme’s CSS file or by editing the plugin’s existing CSS file, popup-style.css, and also terms.php file. For a better and easier option, you can upgrade to our PRO version.

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