WP Terms Popup Collector

Collect information about your website’s visitors after they have agreed to your popups

WP Terms Popup Collector gathers information about your website’s visitors after they agree to the popups created by the WP Terms Popup plugin.

WP Terms Popup Collector Conversion Statistics
WP Terms Popup Collector offers statistics on how many views and conversions each of your popups receives.

Track views and conversions and collect the following pieces of useful information for each agreeing visitor:

  • Agreement Date
  • IP Address
  • User Agent/Browser Details
  • Page the Popup was Seen
  • WordPress Username (if applicable)
  • Agreement Expiration Date

You can search through your conversion results, copy them to your clipboard and export the data to a CSV file for download. Individual user records can be deleted with one click.

WP Terms Popup Collector Results

Save details about visitors who agree to your popups and get popup performance analytics with the Collector add-on.

$24.99 Per Site. Annual Renewal for Support and Updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements for Collector to work?
You will need to have version 1.7.0 or later of our free WP Terms Popup plugin installed for Collector to work correctly. Older versions of WP Terms Popup are not compatible with Collector.

What are some future updates that are planned for Collector?
The next major release of Collector will include the ability to ask for specific information from your visitors before they are able to agree to your popup. Initially, you will be able to ask users for their first name, last name and email address with the possibility of more to be added to Collector in the future.

WP Terms Popup Designer

Use our Designer add-on to customize the appearance of your popups.

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Purchase our Designer add-on to add customization abilities to WP Terms Popup and change your popup appearance in a matter of minutes.

Change the heading colors, text alignment and even blur the content behind your popup.

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$14.99 USD Per Site, One Time Fee
  • Get more control over your popup's appearance
  • Perfect for people who don't code